Drunken Poets Society

Join the Texas Chapter

Reckoned from fragments of antique texts and hand-me-down tales of yore, the centuries-old Drunken Poets Society (DPS) rises from the mists of time in the modern day form of our new Texas Chapter. The genesis of the DPS is a journey unto itself but the short form is this; Hayes Carll has appropriated the ancient order of the Drunken Poet moniker as a tribute to the long-held artistic tradition of painting dreams while trying to get by in the real world. The Drunken Poet transcends the mundane and spins beauty from the raw silk of imagination. All working class dogs and closet dreamers are invited to sign up.

DPS ink sketch no text


Membership in the Drunken Poets Society includes:

  • Access to exclusive Hayes Carll music and videos
  • Private events for Hayes and members only, including the Annual DPS Gathering on the coast of Texas
  • Priority Access to live shows
  • Official membership card
  • DPS window sticker
  • And much more!


The Drunken Poets Society is not accepting new members at this time

The Annual DPS Gathering on the Gulf Coast

 The DPS Gathering is a  laid back weekend at the beach for Hayes and Drunken Poets Society Members to kick back and relax.

Stay tuned for more info about the 4th Annual DPS Gathering in Spring 2017.